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Aloha!  My name is Sean Oshiro, and I own Detailing For Perfection, a premier automotive detailing company specializing in ceramic coating installations.  I have been auto detailing in some form for over 35+ years.  My top priority is to earn your trust and confidence and provide you the best customer experience.

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My Story

From the age of 16, I always had to keep my ride in the best shape possible.  As years went by, the obsession grew even more significant.  What started as a hobby turned into a "side hustle," which eventually became a business venture.  As I honed my skill-sets, I began to realize that I love exterior detailing, most notably ceramic coatings applications.  My mission was to provide my clients with the best ceramic coating experience and offer the best coatings on which I could get my hands on.  To this day, it's my goal to educate and provide 100% customer satisfaction to every one of the clients that I service.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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